Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Good news

Well it's finally over...the tooth that was causing Donna such terrible pain for over 6 weeks is out! We found a private dentist who was kind enough to accept Medicaid and it was over in 10 minutes. Donna is a very happy lady!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dentistry for the Disabled?

Well, it's mid August and still Donna's problem with her tooth and tongue has not been resolved. We found out recently that it is a broken tooth that has been cutting into her tongue and causing this large painful lesion that won't heal. Donna does not have private insurance and this has been a major obstacle to getting decent treatment. I recently spoke over the phone with a woman from an organization called Dentistry for the Disabled. I asked her for a list of names of dentists who accept patients with Medicaid or Medicare. She gave me one name...period!!! And, she said she's not sure he's still taking Medicaid patients. Well, Donna needs an oral surgeon, because she has to be sedated to take care of this problem, and there are no oral surgeons who accept Medicaid or Medicare. I spoke to one recently who told me that what Medicaid pays wouldn't even cover his expenses. What good are these government health care programs if they pay so little that no dentist will accept patients with only this coverage? Is this how America treats the disabled and the poor? If someone can't afford private insurance just let them suffer!!! It's a disgrace! A friend of mine in the Netherlands was totally shocked when he heard we are having this problem. It wouldn't happen in his country.