Friday, September 08, 2006

Time to fight!

They did it again! Yesterday we booked a trip on Access Link to go food shopping. After we finished up our shopping, we were ready and waiting for our bus at 6:00PM as scheduled...we arrived home at 8:10PM. The supermarket is 6 miles from our home. We had to wait an hour and 10 minutes for the bus to arrive, and then the bus ride home took an additional hour and five minutes. Once again...the supermarket is only 6 miles from our home. If I was not on board the bus to give directions to the driver, we would have arrived home MUCH later. She had NO IDEA where she was going, and obviously didn't know how to read a map. This is beyond outrageous. Donna was an hour and a half late for her evening seizure medications. What if she had a seizure on the bus? Her home health aide could not wait for over an hour and a half, so she went home before we arrived, and Donna missed her dinner. If I was not there with her she would have had no one to get her ready for bed or take her to the bathroom. This is totally unacceptable, and we will have to fight. If I had this on tape and Donna had had a seizure on the bus, we would sue!!! If someone could lend us a digital camcorder, I would like to record a video of our trips on Access Link, because I plan on contacting the TV network news, our local congressman, and the local newspaper. This is no way to treat our most vulnerable citizens. Would anyone do this to a child coming home from school? Of course not. The parents would have a fit if their child had to wait for 1 1/4 hours for their bus to arrive and another hour or more to go 6 miles! But apparently some people think this is an acceptable way to treat the disabled. If you or anyone you know has had similar experiences with Access Link (and I know for a fact that they are fairly COMMON), please contact us. It is very important that we band together and fight this appalling service. This kind of thing has happend to us far too often, and it has got to stop!