Thursday, November 23, 2006

enough is enough

New Jersey Transit's Access Link bus service is destroying people's lives! Not literally, of course, but the service is so horrible much of the time, that many people who need it cannot make use of it. We traveled about 6 miles on the bus yesterday to do some shopping for household goods and necessities at a local shopping mall. We boarded the bus to come home at 6:00PM. We didn't get home until 8:00PM. We were on the bus for TWO HOURS, just to get home from a local shopping mall. This is beyond unacceptable! After picking us up the bus travelled about 25 or 30 miles in the opposite direction of our destination to take another passenger home. Then they had to come back another 30 miles to bring us home. On top of this the driver made several wrong turns, and in spite of having global positioning software on the bus she managed to get lost! If this were a very infrequent occurrence, I would not be writing this. Unfortunately, this happens all too frequently. Donna is now afraid to use the Access Link bus for fear that this will happen again. What is she supposed to do...stay at home for the rest of her life? Unfortunately, many of the disabled do just that, at least for the overwhelming majority of the time. I have nothing more to add tonight. I'll write more later. I'm too angry and frustrated about this to think clearly about what needs to be done. If you are concerned about the lives of people like Donna, please have a look at the post, "Time to Fight!" on this same subject.

Monday, November 20, 2006

a most dangerous game

Dear friends,
A horrible situation exists for people like Donna who are disabled and living on their own. Please take the time to view this photo on our Flickr site. Click here. Thank-you.