Sunday, February 10, 2008

Here's a photo of a typical day for Donna. She must put her life at risk just to make a simple trip to the pharmacy or the supermarket. During the summer, when the town is swarming with vacationers and beach goers, there is even more traffic! This situation is an accident waiting to happen, wouldn't you say? However, there is no curb cut on the sidewalk to the left and behind Donna; and the sidewalks are often broken and not passable for wheelchairs. She has no choice but to ride her wheelchair in the road...either that, or stay home isolated and alone her whole life, like so many disabled citizens are forced to do. Or perhaps you feel that people like her should be forced to spend their whole lives in institutional settings? Much more needs to be done to address the transportation needs of people like Donna. Our town, like most, is not fully accessible for wheelchair bound citizens, in spite of the ADA. You can read more about this issue and see more photos like this at our photo web site at flickr